Our Story

First of all, if you were wondering whether thinkworthy is an actual word in the dictionary – it’s not!


But here we like to say that thinkworthy is simply something that is worth thinking about. It can also read as ‘think worthy’ (you know like the saying ‘think big’), so it brings attention to the worth of a subject.


Thinkworthy is a personal and social wellness blog where we discuss self-improvement and reflect on (sometimes controversial) topics that affect our well-being as a society. We talk about things that matter and we aim to provide a platform for people who have something to say but don’t know where to put it.

Meet the Editor:

Hi there! This is Arika.

I founded this site as a platform to express my own thoughts, opinions and ideas. I soon started receiving feedback from people who enjoyed sharing their own perspectives and experiences in relation to my work.

Every person has such a unique thought-process and there are amazing individuals with their own stories and writing skills. I hope thinkworthy serves these individuals as a supportive platform to showcase their work.

Our aim is to share content that is purposeful and evokes a thought or conversation. Follow us along on our journey!