Getting the Astrazeneca Vaccine in Malaysia

July 1, 2021

From speaking with different people I’ve learnt that there’s a lot of confusion regarding the entire vaccination process here in Malaysia so I’m hoping that this can help for some of you. So, let’s get started!

If you want to check out my video from the vaccination center along with all the steps, you can check it out here:



A lot of people were confused how I managed to register for the vaccine because they have not received any update on the MySejatarah app. To take the AZ vaccine you can actually go to this website called It’s available in all major languages. Alternatively, you can also go to the Instagram account @jkjavmyThey announce openings for booking slots through infographics on this Insta page.

It’s important to read the booking requirements properly so that you don’t end up missing your slot due to incomplete information so just watch out for this section here.

Once you find out that there are new slots opening, you can come back to the website and book your vaccination.



Must-bring items for your

vaccine appointment:

– Phone,

– IC/Passport

– Pen

The date, time and location of your appointment will be updated onto your MySejahtera app once it’s confirmed. When the day arrives, you can head to the location. Taking public transport is recommended so you don’t get stuck finding parking 

since a lot of people may be coming to the location for their vaccination.

TIP: Don’t arrive too early for your appointment, you will just end up standing 

outside in the sun and queuing for a long time. You will not be allowed inside until it’s your turn. My appointment was at 12.30pm and I arrived at 12.10pm, which was the perfect timing.



Once you get there, the first thing you need to do is check in on the MySejahtera app like we usually do. 

Note: This is NOT the vaccination check in, you will do that later

I got my vaccination at the World Trade Center in KL and they were very organised. Once you walk through the entrance, you may feel a little lost but don’t worry, there are people at every corner to guide you throughout the process and they have made sure to maintain social distancing at every step. 



The queue will be according to your Station number (you can check this on your app). You will actually have to queue up multiple times, at WTC I had to get into 3 different queues. But it was all very smooth and the queue was moving pretty fast too. 



You will receive a consent form where you need to answer some basic questions (do you have any allergies, whether you’re pregnant etc) and fill in your contact details. They will ask you not to sign the form yet (that will be done at a later stage).

With the form they’ll also give you a Queue Number so you will then have to wait for your number to be called in order to move on to the next step. The numbers are displayed on this screen and they call around 10 people at a time.



By this time you may feel like this is taking forever, but don’t worry, you’re almost there! I didn’t film this but after the queue you also get a short consultation 

with a nurse/doctor who will answer any questions about the vaccine, ask you about your medical history etc, check your IC/passport and contact details.



So this is where you will get vaccinated. Don’t worry, it’s completely painless, you only feel a pinch and even that is not painful, and the whole process is very quick.



Once you are vaccinated you are then guided towards the Observation room. You will be under observation for 15 mins before you are finally allowed to leave. Here you are going to be given some information on your next dose appointment and also side effects you may face once you get home. 


And once the 15 mins is over, you’re all done and free to go home! Just keep panadol and koolfever at home in case you get a fever like I did and rest as much as you can. Good luck!



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