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February 27, 2021

I had not discovered the joy of bath bombs until just a few years ago. The bath bombs I had tried previously were all from the standard shops like Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret. 

When I got a few from the, it was my first time finding out that there are actually HOME-MADE bath bombs available. Why did I not know about this before?!

I received this cute gift box as a birthday gift, and was excited to find out it contained homemade bath products from a business based nearby in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. What a wonderful business idea, and it’s always better to support a local business so I was excited about this one.


What did I get?

(Shopee product links inserted if you want to purchase/ find out more about these items)

What’s great about

I would highly recommend this as a gift for your loved ones – or a treat for yourself, now that I’ve tried it out I would definitely get it for myself and also try out their other products. Here’s why:


This is the first thing I noticed, everything was so well packaged for shipment that there was no chance of damage to the products. The way each item is packaged is also ideal, with the ziplock bag for bubble powder (in case you only want to use half in one go and the rest later) and the firm wrapping around the bath bombs/ steamer.


When they were told it’s for a birthday gift, they made sure to include a little something extra. This shows extra care towards the customer. It’s not easy to give away free products when you’re a small business, so that gesture was really appreciated. Although I wasn’t the one who made the purchase, I was told that they were very responsive and willing to adhere to any special requests from the customer.


Nothing much to say here – As you can see from the product prices above, their prices are very reasonable, significantly lower than other big brand names. And totally worth it!


I have used other bath bombs before, and they don’t even come close to these ones. I love the smell, the texture and everything was exquisite. The bubble powder is something that I hadn’t used, and wow – it makes such a huge difference. Just look at these bubbles! 

On their Instagram they also give tips on how to increase the amount of bubbles in the bath using this powder. I used their technique and it worked like magic. 

Once you scoop away the foam, you can find the rosy water with petals underneath. Unfortunately I forgot to take a good photo of that. But there are plenty on photos on their page along with their other products.

Some of the other things they sell are: handmade soaps, lip balm, candles, salt soak, and body scrub.

Looking forward to ordering some of these products the next time I want to treat myself or others!

You can check out their products and order from them through their store at Shopee.


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