Neko Inn Cat Hotel – First Boarding Experience in Penang

September 4, 2020

I have used several cat boarding services in the past, but this is the first ‘hotel’ I’ve boarded my cat in. Neko Inn Premium Cat Hotel is located in Bayan Baru, Penang and they offer cat boarding, day care and transport. It is the first of its kind on the island so I wanted to give it a full and honest review based on my experience!

Usually we board our cat Bobo in home-based boarding or at his vet who also offers boarding services. I tend to go for these options mainly because they are convenient (nearby my house so I can easily pick him up once I return from a trip) and because they are very reasonably priced. This pricing is a huge plus if you book through websites like PetBacker, where you can easily find a carer within your price range.

The reason I ended up using Neko Inn is because I suddenly found out that I need to be in KL the very next day for some urgent work, and I knew there was not enough time to go through PetBacker and hope for a suitable response. So I started googling around and found out about Neko Inn. 

What did I love about Neko Inn?

– They respond REALLY fast!

As soon as I messaged them on WhatsApp, they got back to me confirming that they have a ‘room’ available. Everything was arranged really quickly once I gave them some details about my cat.

– They offer pick up/drop off services (extra charge).

Ideally I prefer to drop Bobo off if we are sending him for boarding so I can make sure he’s comfortable, but since I had a flight to catch there was no time for that! So they agreed to pick him up in the morning, which was obviously really convenient for me.

– Their rooms are spacious.

I booked the smallest and cheapest room for Bobo, called the ‘Capsule Room’ and I was hesitant about this because he’s a big cat. But later I realised he still had plenty of room to walk around. There are also other room options, even for multiple cats who are to be boarded together.

  Capsule Room – RM35/night (up to 2 cats) 

– They have a live camera in the room!

This is probably the biggest selling point for Neko Inn. All I had to do was download and register to the XiaoMi Home app, and then I could open it up whenever I’m thinking of Bobo and see what he is up to. The camera is move-able so if he’s not in the frame, I can click on the arrows to move the lens around, and find him (usually just sleeping in the little wooden ‘house’ in the room).

– It is truly luxurious.

I like the design and the sizes of the rooms. Some of the bigger rooms even have themes. And in all the rooms, the cats enjoy filtered water, air conditioner and soft music playing 24/7. Each of the packages also includes high-quality cat food and litter for the stay’s duration; however I did opt for providing my cat’s food as he is already used to that particular brand.
You can also check out their daily routine for boarding. 

Tropical Room – RM100/night (up to 6 cats) 

Some feedback to keep in mind:

I would say this is more towards a costly side, as their cheapest ‘room’ is the capsule room (which is what I got) priced at RM35 per night, however it easily fits 2 cats – so if you have multiples this might be a bargain! 

One thing I would have liked would be some updates on how my cat is doing and how he is adjusting and interacting during play times etc. In the past whenever I have boarded my cat somewhere, I’ve received updates such as these at least in the first few days. I suppose this may be because we already have the live camera, but that of course only shows so much.

Overall I would really recommend Neko Inn if it’s in your budget, also for urgent situations. Just be warned that you might get addicted to stalking your cat on the app all day!

You can find out more about Neko Inn, their pricing and their other services at their website, or on their Instagram / Facebook.

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