The Homeless Children During Covid-19: A Mother’s Reflections

April 23, 2020

Guest post by Samia Asim

It has been a month since my children have been at home because of Covid-19. The government has shutdown schools for safety. The more we keep them at home, the less they’re going to be at risk because children can get  germs easily: while playing, studying together, interaction with other kids etc. But now at home I can take care of them more than before. I do this by giving them vitamin C, bananas, milk, and excessive water to strengthen their immune system. Minors can get affected because of weak immune systems. Along with all these precautions, I am also forcing them to use hand sanitiser and wash their hands every few hours for their protection.

All of these efforts for my kids made me to ponder about those homeless children who spend their entire day picking up garbage, wear unhygienic clothes, and get their food from the bins in which we throw away our leftovers. No parents, family, supervisor or guardian to protect them from this contagious disease. They are spending their childhood on streets, footpaths, railway or bus stations, begging for money to just buy bread to ease their hunger. They don’t desire for toys, good clothes, shoes, they just need a bit of money to bring a smile on their face.

There are children who are already vulnerable due to not being registered and not being supervised by adults in their life. They also don’t have appropriate shelter so they are often robbed, beaten and sexually assaulted by those who know that they have no family protection. In some cases they are also forcibly recruited into criminal activities.

There must be some children who have been affected by the coronavirus already BUT… who cares? Sad to say, no one.These are the bitter aspects of actual life which compels me to think how blessed we all are. We must have deep gratitude for Allah who give this beautiful life and made us capable to make a better life for our children.

The least we can do for these homeless children is to treat them nicely, give them extra money, show some kindness and avoid offensive behaviour. If they become vigorous, clever and sharp, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an innocent heart. They have the same right to enjoy their childhood like our children but unfortunately, poverty has snatched this right from them. I read a quote somewhere about how every child has a childhood, but not every child can enjoy it.

May Allah protect all children from all evil, disease and give them a good joyful life. Ameen.

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