Clutter-Free and Affordable Gift Ideas For Minimalists

January 24, 2020

Whether it’s birthdays, festive holidays, anniversaries or celebrations, gift-giving happens all throughout the year. Thinking of what to gift someone can be very difficult, especially if you’re on a budget AND especially if you’re someone who over thinks everything (like me). 

Why clutter-free gifts?

Clutter-free gifts are great not just for minimalists, but for anyone who wants something practical and useful without adding more to their home. They are basically things that can be used up over time, such as experiences or consumables.

Getting someone such a gift is also the best way to make sure your gift does not stay rotting in the bottom of their wardrobe because they had no use for it. I’ll be the first to admit that I have received many gifts throughout my life which may have been valuable in price, but were not really valuable to me as a person and my tastes. 

Are clutter-free gifts expensive?

When we think of clutter-free or minimalist gifts, we often come up with things like vacation packages or concert tickets, or even fancy meals. After all, these are experiences/ consumables that are valuable and don’t create any clutter in the homes AND who doesn’t love being pampered with things like that?

But of course, we can’t always afford to give such gifts, no matter how much we value the person. This is especially true during festive seasons when we have to buy multiple gifts at the same time.

Clutter-free gift ideas:

The gift you choose to give to a specific person largely depends on their interests and needs, but this is a generic list which can be applied to pretty much anyone.


bunch of baked cupcakesHomemade food
This shows your effort and thoughtfulness. Maybe you can cook their 
favourite meal. Or bake some cupcakes- can’t go wrong with that!


white and blue plastic containerPersonal care products
This can be anything from a nice body lotion, to basic necessities like shampoo or deodorant. It’s a very practical and useful approach, everyone needs these items so you’re making their life a little easier.


assorted succulents and cactiPlants 
Last year I got a mini succulent from a friend and it still looks great on my desk. Plants liven up the room. Even plants that won’t last for long, such as a bouquet of roses, can be enjoyed for a while then gotten rid of once they wilt- so no clutter here!


two brown floating shelvesHome-ware
These include items such as towels, mugs, cutlery etc. Once again, very basic stuff but we all need those plates and cups! If you see any specific designs or colours your friend would like, it could make a lovely gift.


person watching movieMovie tickets 
This could be an inexpensive and fun treat for your friend, and definitely not as expensive as concert tickets! 


high-angle photography of grocery display gondolaPackaged food 
This is a pretty broad idea. Packaged food can range from coffee, chocolates, chips or even that healthy granola that your friend enjoys. You can get creative and find unique snacks from all over the world!


lighted candlesScented candle 
Candles are inexpensive and add a nice touch to the home. I have only started getting into this recently and one candle lasts so long, it doesn’t feel like clutter at all on my bedside table.


turned on gray alarm clock displaying 10:11Time
Sometimes time and your presence is the best gift.


Do let us know if you have any other ideas and if you like receiving clutter free gifts! 

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  1. Hi

    A wonderful article backed by soulful ideas! A readers feast appeased and thirst quenched!

    The idea of gifting reminds us of the very idea of living in harmony and being compassionate!

    These small Ideas are so much to learn from. For example, when I thought of gifting my best friend an expensive watch, my pocket started an internal fight and a debate with me (Oh he has lots of watches, why do you want to gift an expensive one, do you think he needs it? etc). Then struck the idea of gifting him my favourite “Oud Attar” which I bought from Madintul Munawwara. I swear to God, I was relieved! both from my internal fights and external expenditure. Guess what, he Loved the Attar so much so that he had tears in his eyes as he never received such “Miinimalistic” gift (:p)

    I’m fully in for Minimalistic Gifting!!

    PS: I really loved this concept! Kudos to Arika

    Warm wishes
    Abdul Qadir “Kamran”

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