The Double Standards Faced by Women Who Smoke

Featured Art by @ thedaftdraft https://thedaftdraft.com/   When a man smokes, it’s a bad habit (buri aadat). But when a woman smokes, she’s a bad woman (buri aurat). Smoking is harmful no matter what your gender is. Then why are women always being significantly more condemned for it? Why does it only become everyone’s business when […]

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Clutter-Free and Affordable Gift Ideas For Minimalists

Whether it’s birthdays, festive holidays, anniversaries or celebrations, gift-giving happens all throughout the year. Thinking of what to gift someone can be very difficult, especially if you’re on a budget AND especially if you’re someone who over thinks everything (like me).  Why clutter-free gifts? Clutter-free gifts are great not just for minimalists, but for anyone […]

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